About Shimmyfest

Shimmyfest Springdale:

*Performing at shimmyfest is by invitation. If you or your troupe would like to perform, please send Terry a message so she can get you on the wait list. She will then send out invitations for performance.

*Sound system is CD only. Please have your music and a back up copy ready by noon! Songs can be no longer than 5 minutes. Performers in the evening show need to have their music to Terry by noon. Music needs to be labeled with your name/group name and have any special instructions with it. Please have your VERY SHORT bio turned in with your music. (please keep it 1-3 sentences long)

*The audience for the show is made up a very diverse crowd, please be mindful when choosing your music and costuming. We ask that you please avoid religious music that may offend a certain religious group and any type of curse words in the music or implied or blatant sexual movements/music. We want to keep the event family friendly. We appreciate your cooperation. Upper stage is carpeted and is approximately 12×20 while the lower stage is hardwood dance floor and is approximately 15×24



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